Your brand is your business, not just your business card.

At Brave we believe that building a brand goes deeper than the aesthetic. Your brand must reflect your business’s core values and be a promise to your audience.

It tells them what they can expect from you and it differentiates you and your offering from your competitors. Your brand is developed through understanding who you are, who you want to be and how you want to be perceived by your customers.

We challenge our clients to think beyond the boundaries of the obvious and encourage them to build a brand that is a leader in their industry. To break the mould of what is and embrace innovation.

So what is your Brand Strategy?

Your Brand Strategy is a long-term plan for the development of your brand and is connected to all aspects of your business. It defines the your value, your brand and how your brand is positioned in its competitive market. Most importantly, it is directly connected to the needs and emotions of your audience,

It underpins the development of your visual brand identity, defines the customer experience you want to create for your customers and becomes the go to document for the development of your business and marketing plans.

Developing a brand strategy for your business is an essential first step in creating success in your market.

These days, businesses of all sizes need to offer their audience more than just products or services. Competition is real in every market and having a strong brand that gives people something they want to belong to and believe in, is key element in becoming a leader in your industry.

Optimum Recoveries

After working with Brave, the results were amazing and our clearly defined brand positioning now forms the foundation of our business culture, vision, mission and values.

Angela McDonald, Managing Director

Business Aspect

Brave’s process of working collaboratively to develop our brand strategy proved highly successful in achieving a consensus view on a range of positions that the partners had previously struggled to do.
J Formann, Partner

When working with Brave, we start by challenging you to look beyond the day to day operations of your business, to take a fresh look at your business model and at how your brand interacts and communicates with your audience.

No matter what your industry, our strategic tools help to define your brand and align it to your business model.

The outcomes of our process provide you with a clear understanding of your customers and their needs, the real value you’re contributing beyond your baseline services and finally, the development of a clearly articulated brand story for your business that becomes the foundation stone for your marketing and communication activities.

Whether you are a new or existing business, creating a solid brand to build your business on is, quite simply, just good business.

We specialise in creating brands that build a connection between our clients and their customers.

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