Street Swags

Street Swag

Christmas Appeal 2015

Brave was given the opportunity to work with charitable organisation Street Swags, to develop a campaign for their 2015 Christmas Appeal. The campaign ‘Sleep easy knowing you’ve helped someone else sleep easier’ was centred on the concept of feeling good that you’ve just helped out someone in need.

Homeless people face many challenges and finding a safe place to sleep at night is one of the greatest. The work of Street Swags, although not a long-term solution, gives those of our homeless community ‘sleeping rough’ a fighting chance until they can get back on their feet again.

Street Swags save lives and Brave wanted to be part of helping them to make a real difference.

To support the direct mail campaign, Brave also produced a number of memes for use on the various social media platforms used by street swags. These were used during the campaign period and continue to be used to keep the charity top of mind with supporters and the conversation around the plight of the homeless alive throughout the year.

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