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When undertaking major renovations to the main student precinct on campus, the University of Queensland Student Union engaged Brave to lead a project to rename and rebrand each of the retail and food outlets under their management.

Each outlet required the design of an original brand identity for use on signage, packaging and marketing material. Complimentary graphics were also developed to enhance the retail space of each outlet.

Main Course

The main refectory was transformed into a food court style outlet branded as the ‘Main Course’. The area contained seven original food outlets each with there own distinct style. These outlets included sushi and noodle bars, fish & chippery and carvery, a build your own sandwich station and dessert bar.

Darwin’s Café

Taking its name from the revolutionary English naturalist Charles Darwin, the café provides students and staff refuge in a more upmarket setting than other venues on campus. The inspiration for the brand came from the story of Darwin’s Galápagos finches supported by a graphic representation of DNA strands. Interior and exterior signage, posters, menus and takeaway coffee cups were some of the items developed for the cafe.

Lolly Shop

The UQ Union ‘Lolly Shop’ is an institution at the University of Queensland and was expanded to include convenience items for purchase. Lollies are fun and the new brand needed to reflect this. The introduction of the Lolly Monsters as part of the logo also allowed the branding to be expanded into the interior retail graphics and marketing material.

Secondhand Texts & Stationery

The UQ Union provides a service to students to resell their secondhand textbooks. The Secondhand Texts & Stationery outlet’s brand had to have an old book store feel while maintaining a modern edge. The result is a simple, clean and classic logo supported by graphic illustrations of stationery items set out on a simple grid. These elements were used in the interior and exterior signage, uniforms and marketing material.

On-a-Roll Bakery

Using clever play on words for the outlet’s name, the branding for the UQ Union’s ‘On a Roll Bakery’ needed to be fresh and fun. Inspired by the lashings of icing on the top of cinnamon buns, every aspect of this branding, from the bread roll font to the delicious colour palette, is aimed at making your mouth water.

Pizza Caffe

Serving real Italian pizzas, the venue had an existing brand that was tired and not suitable for possible future franchising of the business concept. The new branding, based on the all-important dollop of pizza sauce is used on uniforms, pizza boxes, signage and marketing material.

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