Juzcit Cold Pressed Juice Bar

Juzcit Cold Pressed Juices, operating out of The Market Room in the Logan Hyperdome, Logan City, is all about helping people to get healthy with their range of cold pressed juices and health food products.

Brave worked with retail design specialists ReNew Design to bring their kiosk style space to life and to promote the Juczit brand promise of good health and the benefits of cold pressed juices.

The kiosk follows is an open-fronted tenancy that allows the staff to interact with the customers in a relaxed setting. The kiosk is finished in a unique combination of plywood, stone and ceramic tiles to reflect the raw and authentic nature of Juzcit.

Brave was engaged to develop a brand identity for the business and worked with ReNew to develop signage using the plywood panels around the kiosk to tell the Juczit brand story along with a simple to navigate menu board.

Brave also designed a labelling system for the juice bottles. The challenge was to come up with an economical solution that addressed both the need for a waterproof product and to keep production costs down. Due to the variety of juices available, and not knowing the final range of juices they would be offering until after a trial period, printing individual labels for each juice was not an option.

Working with the label printer, Brave designed a base label shell with accompanying variable template that is overprinted using a high-end, waterproof label printer. This allows the client to print labels as required, saving them thousands of dollars in production costs.

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