Burton & Ryan

Burton & Ryan Property Agents

Burton & Ryan we have always aimed to do things differently and to set a new standard in the real estate market. They have positioned themselves as a boutique agency: never limited however in their capacity to deliver the highest quality of service to their clients.

Their purpose is to provide an environment for change. They understand that no matter what the reason is behind a client’s need to sell their house or home, it means a significant change in their lives.

Before Luke Burton and Ryan Hoelzl committed to opening their doors of their real estate agency, they approached Brave to work with to help them refine their vision for their fledgling business. They understood that in order to make the impact they were aiming for, they needed to have a clear understanding of who they wanted to be and how their new brand was going to be positioned in Brisbane’s Real Estate industry.

Now over 3 years since opening their doors, Burton & Ryan Property Agents has become a successful and serious contender in Brisbane’s inner north. Having a clear vision from the outset has meant they have always known what goals they want to achieve and under the guidance of Brave, have developed a successful and respected brand.

Recently, Brave worked with Burton & Ryan to gain a better understanding of their marketing activities and how they relate to the needs of potential clients at the various points of the customer journey. This resulted in a complete overhaul of their approach to how they market the agency and agents and the tools in which they use to do so.

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