Paul van Barneveld

Paul van Barneveld

Director, Brand Strategist

Paul has worked in the communication design industry for over 25 years, including 15 years as the Director of his own business, Brave. His clients include both public and private sector organisations in multiple industries, including medical and primary healthcare, retail, education and corporate services, as well as infrastructure and energy.

Paul specialises in helping his clients find and build the connection between their customers and their business to create valuable brand outcomes. His expertise covers strategy, brand identity and management, design, and creative direction.

In addition to his professional experience, Paul has also been a judge of design awards both in Australia and overseas, and has been a member of design curriculum and government advisory panels.

Paul is the Immediate Past President of the Australian Graphic Design Association Limited (AGDA) and sits on the AGDA Board of Directors. In these roles, Paul is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring that AGDA achieves its mission of building a community constantly seeking to elevate and prove what Australian design can do. Paul is also a Director of the Australian Design Alliance.

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