Design led strategies…

…that build greater connections between your business and your customer.

Brave is a Strategic Design and Brand studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

Beginning life as a full-service advertising agency in 1983, Brave has evolved over the years to now focus on the use of design as a strategic tool for business innovation and the strategic development of brands.

We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, sharing this with our clients to help them understand the depth of the design process, the value it can bring to their business to drive innovation and strengthen connection with their customers.

We work with clients in both the public and private sectors and from across many industries including: medical and primary healthcare, retail and hospitality, education and corporate services, as well as infrastructure and energy.

We believe our job is to challenge our clients thinking through the use of strategic and human-centred design methodologies that strengthen the value of their brand and the success of their business.

Our Team

Our collaborative team has a thirst for inspiration and a passion for using design as a strategic tool in business. We draw on our individual experiences to connect and empathise with our clients and their audiences to produce relevant and strategic design outcomes. We believe that together, our creative force is stronger and encourage creative collaboration both within the team and our clients.

Brave’s structure centred around a core team that drives the strategic and creative aspects of each project. We bring in our expert strategic partners when needed to provide a complete solution for our clients. Working collaboratively with these partners allows us to develop effective and successful outcomes.

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