Brave, Bold, Creative…

We start with your story, then tell the world about it through your brand.

We are a strategic design and brand studio focussed on developing brand-aligned business strategies to create compelling brand solutions.

We empower your brand to be the connector between your business and your customer; and to be the primary ambassador for your company.

To develop effective brand outcomes, we work closely with our clients to discover their existing brand’s inherent value. With the aid of strategic tools, we build insights and understanding into how your brand needs to connect with your target markets. We define how your brand is positioned in the market and develop strategies to set it apart from your competition.

We build creative and effective brands that are focussed on building success for your business!


We specialise in working with existing businesses that have reached a critical point in their life cycle and who are seeking to realign their brand to their business model and redefine how it is expressed to the market.

Our work with new businesses helps them to get it right from the outset, refining their business concept through a clearly defined brand and customer experience framework. The first steps in achieving success for any business.


Brave has a strong history of providing sophisticated communication design solutions for businesses.

From the initial brand identity through to your complete visual brand solution, our design deliverables are intelligent, creative and underpinned through solid brand position and strategies.

Our Services

We approach our work from two distinct yet complimentary aspects. Defining the project through the use of strategic tools and hands on workshops to set up a framework for the delivery of effective and creative design outcomes.


– Branding strategy and development
– Product development and strategy
– Brand management and positioning
– Brand health checks
– Marketing and social media plans


– Brand identity design
– Corporate Style guide development
– Website design and development
– Creative and art direction
– Graphic design
– Creative campaigns

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PO Box 1069 New Farm Queensland 4005

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